Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tony Adamo & The New York Crew Urban Zone 2015

Real deal funk for the people, a groove you can use!
Brent Black /

The hipness, swag and epitome of vocal cool all wrapped up in a to go bag! A righteous harmonic journey into the lyrical land of thy rhythm and groove. Old school meets new ├žool, a cross continental sonic excursion resulting in a beat you feel in your hips but hear with you're feet, this is a real down lyrical throw down!

 New York Crew recording date with Lenny White doing the music mix includes the legendary Mike Clark but all the musical co-conspirators are enthusiastically behind a new music revolution!

Checking out a couple of advance tracks that found their way to my inbox there is "Gale Blowin' High" a lyrical biography of the great Eddie Gale. Take an opening subtle samba groove and free your mind as the syncopated swing moves to an Afro-Gospel sound that no one can touch. This is the kick off for a Nu music revolution for all people! The band speaks for itself with names including the legendary drummer from the Headhunters Mike Clark along with Lenny White and Michael Wolff but make no mistake, all the musical co-conspirators are bringing it!
Gale Blowin' High - Tony Adamo Nu jazz vocal/hip spoken word/Lyrics by Adamo Lenny White-Drums Tim Ouimette-Trumpet Micheal Wolff-Piano-Music-Mike Clark-Michael Wolff Richie Goods-Bass Bill summers-Percussion Donald Harrison-Alto sax
The second track "Listen Here Listen Up" is a blues infused jazz nasty to blow your mind and feed your soul! This tune is as cool as the other side of pillow! This is pure acid funk, Adamo welcomes you to a new sound, his sound with a band that takes in the pocket to the next dimension of groove. Straight up, there is not another vocal artist covering this territory and I am at a loss to think of another that could with this kind of authenticity. Tony Adamo is the real deal!
Tony Adamo Nu jazz vocal/hip spoken word/Lyrics by Adamo Mike Clark-Drums Tim Ouimette-Trumpet Micheal Wolff-Piano Richie Goods-Bass Bill summers-Percussion Donald Harrison-Alto sax.

Tracks: Gale Blowin High; City Swings; Buddhist Blues; You Gotta B Fly; Mama's Meat Pies; To Bop Or Not To Be; Picasso At Midnight; Wisdom of Oz; Listen Here Listen Up; General T; Messengers Burnin.

5 Cool Stars!