Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Magical Mystery Psych Out A Tribute To The Beatles Cleopatra 2015

The Magical Mystery Psych-Out - A Tribute To The Beatles

An amazing psych journey that rediscovers the music of The Beatles!

Brent Black /

When I first opened the package containing this release, I cringed. This release would seem to have train wreck written all over it yet some of the finest psych bands take a respectful if not a somewhat edgy look at The Beatles contributions to psych rock thanks to a well crafted release of some obscure gems and classic favorites.

"Tomorrow Never Knows walks the harmonic path of least resistance while The Underground Youth simply crush "Come Together." This is a release that if it does nothing else allows the melody to dictate the direction of each band.

Cleopatra has released numerous psych tributes with The Magical Mystery Psych Out holding serve as perhaps their finest to date. Vinyl editions are also available!

5 Stars!

1. Electric Moon - Tomorrow Never Knows
2. Sugar Candy Mountain - Rain
3. The Vacant Lots - Julia
4. The Blank Tapes - The Word
5. The Ruby Suns - Martha My Dear
6. The KVB - Taxman

1. The Underground Youth - Come Together
2. Fantasmes - Love You To
3. Quilt - Cry Baby Cry
4. The Lucid Dream - And I Love Her
5. Kikagaku Moyo - Helter Skelter
6. Strangers Family Band - Sun King