Monday, March 2, 2015

Susan Krebs Simple Gifts Greengig 2015

Simple Gifts

An amazing waste of time, talent and plastic...

Brent Black /

I had a discussion several years ago with a critically acclaimed vocalist that also had a solid journalistic background with network news. She stated bad reviews were perfectly acceptable as long as one addressed the "why" question. This shouldn't take long...

Deconstructed chamber jazz with lyrical compositions that lack focus or direction of any kind. Susan Krebs couldn't find pitch with a road map and while the supporting cast do an adequate job with the music, they simply do not allow Krebs to literally hide the all too numerous chinks in her lyrical armor. Timing, phrasing and execution all fall short of the mark.

There could possibly be that left of center eccentric market that may find some bright spots but the smart money has them moving on after about the fourth play.

It is literally like watching or in this case listening to a plane fly into a mountain. Slightly over 40 minutes of your life you will never get back.