Monday, February 16, 2015

The Liver Chronicles - Shutting It Down For Now

Dear Readers,

I came to the realization last night it is time to shut it down, for now...This is hard because when you devote over 4 years of your life to do something seven days a week then you know it is your passion. I came to this decision while shoulder deep in the toilet. Inspiration can be found in the strangest places!

My original intent was to walk away New Years Eve but there were some special artists that have always remained in my corner through good times and bad that I felt obligated to help and I was still having some good days, sadly that is no longer the case. Is this permanent? My heart says I hope not but my cancer strongly disagrees. I have no clue as to what the future holds.

Reviews are now on hold at best, I am deeply saddened. To say thank you does not begin to cover the gratitude and appreciation for the outpouring of support I have received. The site will remain active but I now see the need to shut myself down. There are two or three special releases from artists that I hope I "might" be able to get to but no promises.

I'll keep you posted.

Be well,