Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Liver Chronicles - Reflections

Today is #WorldCancerDay. Let's take the time to dispel some myths about cancer and tell the world our #cancertruths...
Whenever I feel a little depressed and it happens more than I let on, I read the above...
Things are in a holding pattern with the transplant team as I am being referred to a new Ear Nose and Throat oncologist in regards to the tumor found in my throat. If malignant than this could be  a deal breaker and game changer, no pressure there.
They are calling my disease as end stage or what is more commonly known as stage 4 so time is a most valuable commodity. I am still trying to write but know in the back of my mind it could end any day. I am fatigued beyond what you can imagine and waiting on phone calls is horrible. Coming to grips with these types of situations and  how they change they lives of those around you may be the worst. My patience is thin..."I know you will be O.K." is not the thing to say. The doctors don't know, they can only do their best and keep swinging.
I have been blessed to have reader support that has meant the world to be. From Sacremento, California to Istanbul, Turkey there are people rooting for me and that is special. Never in a million years did I think this would go global. I've made great friends along the way, lost some and napalmed a few bridges but sometimes you have to. Never waiver on your principles but instead you must move forward. As I have previously said, keep moving as it makes it harder for death to find you.
Be well,