Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Liver Chronicles - End Stage

Facing your own mortality isn't easy...I've not always had it so easy but I have been very blessed so I can't complain...much.

I got to hang out with musicians like Spyro Gyra, Chicago and spent considerable time in a one on one with Stanley Turrentine. I worked in both radio and television, wrote news and did announcing and voice over work. I have interviewed people like John Abercrombie, Bob James and Arturo Sandoval. I broke Nicholas Payton's brain...Good stuff.

Doctors have been giving me bad news gradually in an attempt to prepare me for today.

I have a less than 5% chance to make it 12 months...I have been instructed to get my affairs in order now (I no longer bang married chicks so I kind of missed the meaning at first) .Sure, when I left I shed a few tears but not for me. I'm concerned for my mother. From this point forward, every review could be my last. I have been so incredible lucky to do this and be syndicated by a national newspaper.

Thoughts are racing through my mind. I need to smell a few more roses...Enjoy life people, never take one moment lightly. Embrace passion. Music has always and will always be my passion (till Obama does something stupid again which is a given). The world looks amazingly different when you are about to answer last call. Not gonna lie, it is tough. I'm tougher but a realist none the less.

This isn't goodbye, yet...Problem is I may never get a chance to say that...