Sunday, February 15, 2015

Punch Brothers The Phosphorescent Blues Nonesuch 2015

A delicious slice of Americana, reinvented while losing nothing in authenticity
Brent Black /
Good music has no expiration date, great music transcends genre. The Punch Brothers The Phosphorescent Blues walks the harmonic high wire of new American classical, improvisation and an alternative indie twist with the most diverse yet accessible release of their career. Sounds like? Perhaps if one considers REM without the pious, pretentious and preachy subtext then you might be close in getting a feel for this stellar new release produced by the great T-Bone Burnett.
A somewhat conceptually based recording addressing the role and positive possibilities of technology in today's society as well as the potential pitfalls, an observational exploration of modern culture. The Punch Brothers have an mazing synergy within their sound that allows for a reinvention without wandering off the lyrical path. The modern evolution of music without boundaries. Captivating.