Sunday, February 15, 2015

Phantogram Voices Republic 2014

The dynamic new sound of American popular music, Voices is packed with flavor!
Brent Black /
Another band that moves outside standard categorization, Phantogram is the perfect storm of solid pop melodies, hip-hop beats and an ambient texture reminiscent of some of the finest house music coming out of the U.K. The seductive vocals of Sarah Barthel paired with the performance and production work of Josh Carter are the perfect storm of fire and ice.
Contemporary popular music is a tightly clustered pack of nothing. Voices embraces key elements of a myriad of influences to allow for a unique sound that is fresh, vibrant and cutting edge. No one else sounds like Phantogram and there sound is an inclusive yet deceptively textured journey down the harmonic road less traveled. One of the best new bands to begin cracking that glass ceiling in some time. Catch their concert on Guitar Center Sessions!