Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kevin Eubanks and Stanley Jordan Duets Mack Avenue 2015

A stunning offering of in the moment creativity, Eubanks and Jordan capture lighting in a bottle!

Brent Black /

Both Kevin Eubanks and Stanley Jordan embody the often over used if not misunderstood term of virtuoso. Duets is an intimate yet cerebral journey as they journey down the harmonic road less traveled. The sound of the release is soothing and smooth but with just the right amount of flavor to have an engaging quality and visceral edge of a soulful spirit.

Spontaneous arrangements of such classics as "Blue In Green" and "A Child Is Born" are spatial explorations of melody while the Thad Jones classic "A Child Is Born" features Eubanks on piano. The aptly titled "Old School Jam" is just that and bookends nicely with the closer "Goin On Home." The reinvention of Adele's "Someone Life You" is stellar! There is a synergy in these performances, a uniform lyrical sense of purpose that is not constrained by some tired arrangements or a producer simply looking for a quick check. Duets develops a unique organic heartbeat. Deconstructed improvisational explorations of the heart might best describe the release. Exquisite!

A release that writes the review for you and makes you smile!

Tracks: Morning Sun; Summertime; Nature Boy; Someone Like You; A Child Is Born; Old School Jam; Vibes; Blue In Green; Lights; Goin' On Home