Thursday, February 12, 2015

Joanne Tatham Out Of My Dreams Cafe Pacific 2015

A rising vocal star, Joanne Tatham is a lyrical force to be reckoned with!
Brent Black /
The tight knit sorority that makes up the upper echelon of the female jazz vocalist just obtained a most promising new member, Joanne Tatham. As technically gifted as she is artistically proficient we find Tatham more than singing the words but instead she embraces the music with the innate gift of lyrical story telling. Guests include the great John Clayton on bass, drummer Peter Erskine and saxophonist Bob Sheppard. Produced by Mark Winkler, Out of My Dreams is a somewhat eclectic yet readily accessible release by one of the finest vocalists working the more traditional side of the improvisational street.
Melodies are not mangles but meticulously deconstructed as is evidenced with the McCoy Tyner / Sammy Cahn tune "You Taught My Heart To Sing." The more Brazilian inspired " You're Sensational" adds flavor and authenticity while the whimsical David Frishberg number "Too Long In L.A." adds a touch of humor too often missing from similar releases. An inventive and well conceived release that should have Joanne Tatham's musical stock as an arrow pointing straight up!
Tracks: You Taught My Heart To Sing; Without Him; Devil May Care; Vivo Sonhando; Cool; Double Life; Detour Ahead; Too Long In L.A.; You're Sensational; In A Lonely Place; Out Of My Dreams.