Saturday, February 7, 2015

Errol Rackipov Group Pictures From A Train Window First Orbit Sounds 2015

An exquisite impressionistic journey that transcends genre, colors you can hear!
Brent Black /
Jazz is an umbrella term at best. Errol Rackipov's Pictures From A Train Window transcends genre with a cerebral hybrid of improvisational wonder with a global flair while embracing the fundamentals of what we know as modern jazz here in the United States. A former student of the great Gary Burton, the influence is apparent but the harmonic voice is uniquely his own.
Highlights include the mysterious if not edgy sound of "Far Away From Here" which is a minor key composition where saxophonist Lubomir Gospodinov shines. "Folk Dance" is another minor key composition that draws from Eastern European influences but with the percussive pop from Rodolfo Zuniga and the lyrical bass of Josh Allen. The closer "Once A Mother Had A Child" touches the soul and includes wonderful moving voicing from critically acclaimed guitarist Hristo Vitchev. Pianist Mrtin Bejerano turns in exemplary performance throughout the release. Rackipov's playing is beyond reproach and his compositional skill should easily make significant contributions to the new sound of modern jazz.
Errol Rackipov is one of those legit improvisational threats as highly respected artist, composer and educator.
A truly stunning effort!
Tracks: Mad Djore; Far Away From Here, A Long Time Ago; Jumble; Dill Man; Folk Dance; Wild River; Pictures From A Train Window; The Other (Wrong Way); Once A Mother Had A Child.
Personnel: Erroll Rackipov: Vibraphone, Marimba, Tupan; Hristo Vitchev: Guitar; Lubomir Gospodinov: Sax, Clarinet; Martin Bejerano; Josh Allen: Bass; Rudolfo Zuniga: Drums.