Friday, February 6, 2015

Eliane Elias Made In Brazil Concord 2015

Smart, stylish and sophisticated finds Eliane Elias making the colors of Brazil sexy again!
Brent Black /
The music of Brazil extends far past the samba with a musical diversity as deep and rich as their citizens. Eliane Elias returned to her country of origin and recruited some of Brazil's finest musicians for a slightly more contemporary interpretation of this most influential music. While there is nothing lacking in authenticity, the sound is meticulously crafted and built around  improvisational music with an occasional classical flair. Six originals confirm her astounding compositional skill while her vocal style is beyond reproach.
This music with one foot in the past but with both eyes on the future with guests and band members including Mark Kibble from Take 6, daughter Amanda Brecker and Marcus Teixeira. Made In Brazil ignites a slow romantic burn with tunes such as "Incendiano" and "Driving Ambition" thanks to the stellar contributions from Kibble. Another incredible highlight includes Amanda Brecker's appearance on the buoyant "Some Enchanted Place."
Elias produces the release along with the help of critically acclaimed Steve Rodby and Marc Johnson. A true collaborative effort, it is the ability to nuance deceptively subtle sounds and textures that is the key to both the artistic brilliance of Elias and perhaps the best release of the year with Made In Brazil. Flawless.
Tracks: Brasil; Voce; Aquas de Marco; Searching; Some Enchanted Place; Incendiano; Vida; Este Seu Olhar / Promessas; Driving Ambition; Rio; A Sorte do Amor; No Tabuleiro de Baiana.
Photo Credit: Philippe Salomon
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