Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dave Bass NYC Sessions Whaling City Sound 2015

NYC Sessions is not only a wonderful recording but proof positive that perseverance pays off!

Brent Black /

The backstory is every bit as compelling as the music as Dave Bass and an all star cast swing for the fences and swing they do! While the cast of musical co-conspirators boasts a diverse back, there is an amazing synergy of textured sound and flavored swing not often found in similar groups. Bass is a pianist taking a second chance at jazz. Early on Bass was playing with such luminaries as Bobby McFerrin but a wrist injury derailed his career. Finishing his degree, Bass went on to become Deputy Attorney General of California. While most of us would be satisfied the musical flame continued to burn and twenty years later (2010) Bass began performing.

The band includes saxophone legend Phil Woods, the lovely and oh so talented Karrin Allyson makes a couple of vocal cameos while the remainder of this formidable 4tet is rounded off with Harvie S on acoustic bass and Ignacio Berroa on drums. The tunes are varied, eclectic yet with a smoldering soul all their own. The intimate interpretation of "My Foolish Heart" works well against the more European influenced "Dark Eyes" which is drawn from the Russian / Jewish background that is Dave Bass.

An impressive and vibrant offering of styles including a plethora of Latin influences has NYC Sessions as one of those stealth releases that will work well in any library!

Tracks: The Sixties; Lost Mambo; Endless Waltz; La Comparsa / Mi Montuno; Lost Valentine; My Foolish Heart; Baltic Bolero; Since I Found You; Dark Eyes; Silence; Just A Fool.