Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Daniel Benett Group The Mystery At Clown Castle

With The Mystery At Clown Castle, Daniel Bennett solidifies his rightful place as one of the most innovative artists in improvisational music.
Brent Black /
The Daniel Bennett Group is just that, a post modern collective of artists that have chosen to travel the harmonic road less travelled. Woodwind virtuoso Bennett takes a strong lyrical sense of purpose and then deconstructs what may the expected into a harmonic wonderland of meticulously nuanced flavors. Organic, esoteric and perhaps quirky best some up the compositional makeup of The Mystery of Clown Castle but this is a sound not bound by convention or tradition, this is post modern jazz for the next generation.
"Paul Platypus" pops with attitude including some stellar work from guitarist Nat Janoff and pairs nicely against "Nine Piglets" which is a more light hearted lyrical romp with Bennett shining on flute. The somewhat beatnik inspired spoken word composition "Minor Leaguer" adds depth to a sound that has all musical co-conspirators singing from the same page of the lyrical hymnal.
An inspired work from an amazing talent. Diverse while never tossing the listener off the edge of the harmonic cliff. Nothing wrong here!
5 Stars!