Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Adam Birnbaum Three Of A Mind Daedalus 2015

Get hip to Adam Birnbaum, one of the new leaders of modern jazz piano!
Brent Black /
Piano trios are like Starbucks, pretty much everywhere with the difference about the width of a sheet of paper. Adam Birnbaum's Three Of A Mind is a true collective with significant contributions coming from both critically acclaimed bassist Doug Weiss and the legendary swing of Al Foster. Birnbaum marries a variety of influences for a unique harmonic journey that has one foot in the past but both eyes on the future.
While there is a history of these artists working in Foster's band, Birnbaum wrote some tunes with the collective in mind. A forward thinking cutting edge style that features the rock influenced progressions of the opener "Binary" which pairs nicely against the smoldering swing of "Brandyn." Meters are odd yet never pretentious as their is a true lyrical sense of purpose throughout each number. Birnbaum is a master technician with the artistic soul of a poet. The blues infused "Dream Song #1: Huffy Henry" may well steal the release if not acting as the perfect vehicle to showcase Birnbaum's harmonic gifts.
Nothing wrong here!
Tracks: Binary; Dream Waltz; Thirty-Three; Brandyn; Rockport Moon; Stutterstep; Kizuna; Dream Song #1: Huffy Henry; Ooh What You Do To Me.