Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Ultimate In Stupidity - Michael Moore - An Open Letter.


Michael Moore. Anyone remember his last real successful project or what decade it came out?

I have lost a ton of friends off social media for outspoken comments, don't miss them. Michael Moore is now trying to somewhat back peddle to lessen the heat he is taking for his lunatic left wing psycho babble  comments concerning the film American Sniper so allow me to address Moore one on one...

You have a career that was essentially a one hit wonder. You are talented yet you feel compelled to run your mouth and slam the very people that allow you the right to do so. You, my fat ass friend are THE coward. You make comments via social media you would never make to a trained killers face because you would be OVER and it would be a public service. You are a loud mouth that says nothing, produces weak product and trolling is the only way people even remember you. You must be proud.

Whether a sniper shoots someone between the eyes or in the back - they have a job. They do it. What do you do? What have you done to make a meaningful contribution to freedom or our way of life? Not one thing you pant load. You are a disgrace to the entertainment industry and real directors that have real talent.

Don't like this country? LEAVE...No one will miss you...NO ONE.