Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Liver Chronicles - Still Swinging / A Quick Update

Lots of messages on where I am at physically so I will do my best to give you the cliff notes.

A few weeks ago I was taken to Jewish Hospital and admitted for a mild heart attack. They knew I had a blood clot and while I was in intensive care for a week they destroyed it. Bad news...They found a second blood clot. I was told yesterday some injections that I was taught how to give myself seem to have done the trick and I am blood clot free.

Bad news...cancer has spread and all tumors are active and firing as treatment continues. I had planned to end on 12/31/14 (the site but leave it up for reference) yet I feel a bit better and will try as much as I can to finish Jan. and then I am out...Doctors orders so to speak. The cancer fight continues but not having either blood clot is a huge help. I cheated death again...Go me.

Be well,