Saturday, January 24, 2015

Personal Attacks

Been getting some threats as well as some attacks on social media for some outspoken remarks...

I find it amazing that a left wing liberal artist that doesn't know me can call me a Nazi and other things that are not even printable but if I fire back then I am a racist and a bigot with no right to an opinion but these same liberal idiots scream bloody murder for theirs.

I have reviewed and interviewed all races, religions and orientations. To give someone like that low budget Michael Brown who robbed a store a free pass based on race? No way...The cop had seconds to act and race wasn't a factor and even the government AGREED. Brown got smoked because he was an idiot and the cop performed a public service.

I am an American. I am not politically correct. I refuse to have the worst President in history dictate my life. I refuse to have liberals tell me how I need to think, believe or behave in any form.

One female liberal by the name of Deborah Hesketh said my encephalopathy must be causing this...Not sure where this witch got her medical training but she is wrong. I announced early on I was going out swinging...Don't like it? Don't read it. I hate Obama, he only happens to be of mixed racial decent. I hate him cause he is stupid.

Clear? Something called NeobopFoLife called me "disgusting" and I guess as fat as she is she would know....

Have a great weekend "ladies." Always classy to attack a dying man and thanks for making my hit count jump! Idiots.

Wanted to also thank these two poor excuses for humans...They tattled on me to Facebook and the site banned me for a week. Only came back to post reviews anyway. Gone forever now. Don't have any interest on the opinions of liberals or what they had for lunch.
Facebook is amazing...Liberals get free reign. Conservatives don't even get an opinion. Move to Tumblr folks.