Thursday, January 15, 2015

New From Jazmine Sullivan!

Jazmine Sullivan’s Reality Show
Released January 13th on RCA
Debuted and currently at #4 on iTunes Album Charts
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Watch Jazmine perform “Forever Don’t Last” on Arise 360:
Listen to Reality Show here:
What the press is saying…
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"Breakups loom throughout the album, all the better for Ms. Sullivan to let loose all the extremes of her voice: tearful, stinging, deep, airborne, velvety, raspy, aching and downright bluesy."
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The material is conspicuously personal and, like Sullivan herself, it’s always very, very good.”
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“On Reality Show, these tracks sound modern and radio-ready.”
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Jazmine delivers a refreshing body of work that incorporates the artful element of storytelling that seems to have all but died in the ‘90’s.”
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Sullivan's best album to date boasts every curtain call and lighting effect designed to flatter its star.”
There are few singers out there with a voice that burns like Jazmine Sullivan’s.
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“Her album is something that everybody needs to have.”
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“Sullivan is one of the most prolific artists of our time. Unafraid to take risks and willing to challenge the way we consume R&B music.”
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“Sullivan delivers an R&B album that feels like how R&B used to sound circa late 90's/early 2000 while still coming off as forward-looking.
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“Jazmine Sullivan is back with a new album, Reality Show and it’s everything we’ve been needing since she left the game.”
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“Reality Show, Jazmine Sullivan's powerful third album, great R&B, feels similarly intimate and public, like a universal confessional.”
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“It’s a ‘hood-flavored, trap-kissed meditation on modern maleness and pop culture—and it’s a record likely to well satisfy the fans who’ve hungrily waited four years for it.”

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“Part of what makes her new album, Reality Show, so remarkable is how often it dares to foreground her pen over her pipes.”