Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Keri Johnsrud This Side Of Morning 2015

This Side of Morning

The lyrical version of that sexy little black dress, Keri Johnsrud  is a name to remember!

Brent Black /

A Chicago staple, Keri Johnsrud is far more than the typical jazz vocalist. This Side Of Morning walks that delicate harmonic tightrope between the cerebral and the visceral with odd meters and eclectic genres tossed in for a sound that is fresh and innovative. An all original release normally hits all the right notes or it can be a crash and burn of epic proportions, Johnsrud is as talented a lyricist as she is a vocal artist.

The first and perhaps most logical question from most would be, "Who does she sound like?" A question fraught with peril so imagine Patricia Barber with a bit more variety and you might be in the ball park. A pristine voice, impeccable phrasing and the ability to draw the listener inside the song. Johnsrud doesn't merely sing the songs, she makes the music. The band is first rate and allows her to embrace a more organic side of where vocal jazz can go. Impressive.

Having been known as someone brutal on female vocalists, Keri Johnsrud is like that first day of spring. A lyrical breath of fresh air and a rising star...don't believe me? Check it out for yourself:

Personel: Keri Johnsrud: Vocals; Kevin Bass: Piano/Rhodes; Larry Kohut: Upright Bass; Neal Alger: Guitar; Jon Deitemyer: Drums; Stephen Lynerd: Vibes.