Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jessi Teich Twisted Soul Madame Freak 2015

Jessi Teich packs a powerful punch with a harmonic intensity most vocalists can never find.
Brent Black /
Twisted Soul is an intriguing "jazz" vocal release with a surprising pop bent that works incredible well. With the exception of the covers "Clap Hands" from Tom Waits and "Cry Me A River" from Justin Timberlake, Teich's original tunes are solid and meticulously crafted gems. The first full release since recovering what could have been a career ending operation to remove a cyst from vocal fold, Teich is in fine form and backed with a band that plays with her and not around her.
A pop bent might misrepresent this stellar offering, call it accessible. Blues infused with an improvisational base and soulful spirit. Highlights are many and include the exquisite ballad "The Haunting." The cover arrangements are tight and inventive. Other stellar tracks include the title track "Twisted Soul." Jessi Teich is that rare lyrical chameleon that can change colors and genres in a blink of an eye. A wonderful recording!
Personnel: Jessi Tech: Vocals; Thierry Maillard: Piano; Yoann Schmidt: Drums; Matyas Szandal: Upright Bass; Laurent Derache: Accordion; Dai Miyazaki: Guitar; John Morgan Kimock: Percussion.