Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hypercolor TZADK 2015

Hypercolor cover art

The aptly titled debut release from Hypercolor should quickly jumpstart the jazz / rock fusion genre!

Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

The sometimes misnamed jazz / rock fusion genre has just had the paddles put to it with the self titled debut release from Hypercolor. A hybrid exploratory of harmonic possibilities for the next generation. Anchored with a rock steady rhythm section of bassist James LLgenfritz and the more than in the pocket sound of drummer Lukas Ligeti they push the sonic envelope to new levels of spatial dimension. While melody is sound and the lyrical flow can be memorizing, Hypercolor embraces the  three dimensional possibilities of sound with imaginative nuanced flavor.

While intensity is a concept and never in doubt, it is the artistic ability to control their own sonic fury that should have Hypercolor as a major player for years. Not your predictable fusion band, there is a strong improvisational make up to the compositions that allows a lyrical conversation between musical co-conspirators to not only develop but to move to a cutting edge only a handful of their contemporaries have managed to find.

Hypercolors sound is a most unique hybrid of avant-garde free jazz, new music, along with cultural influences draw from Africa and Israel. This is an incredibly promising trio that would seem to have already mastered working without a net...and they like it that way.

Go To: www.hypercolorband.com For Additional Information!