Sunday, January 25, 2015

CriticalJazz.Com / BopNJazz Facebook Announcement / Liver Update

I was told that I am in end stage liver disease...

I got sent to Facebook timeout for a week for expressing an admittedly pointed opinion but that is it for me. When a left wing liberal can call me a Nazi for disliking the President and Facebook will not allow me to express ANY opinion then game over. Not worth my time.

I encourage all artists no matter your point of view to bail on Facebook and move to Tumblr or Google Plus.

Facebook is a waste of time unless you are in college or truly care about what someone has for lunch. Facebook is loaded with fraud and scam artists and a six year old could hack into their system. And....Mark Zuckerberg is a Jewish princess. An opportunistic scum bag that practices censorship....Have your lawyer call me sweetheart.

Just a word of advice.

Be well...