Saturday, January 31, 2015

Camera Soul Dress Code Azzura and Timkat 2015

Dress CodeDress Code

Camera Soul is back with the perfect storm of sound, retro soul with an improvisational base!

Brent Black /

Improvisational music or jazz is a genre that tends to feed on itself at times. Call it contemporary jazz, smooth jazz or neo-soul and you would be correct so place the limitations of genre on the back burner and simply listen. Dress Code is their follow up to the critically acclaimed Not For Ordinary People. Camera Soul is a true collective of sound that floats effortlessly above strict categorization. Camera Soul makes jazz sexy again!

"Bring Me Back" could be best described as improvisational dance music with a contemporary twist. The title tune "Dress Code" smolders with an under current of a samba or cha-cha like beat and is spot on in production! One sign of true artistry would have to be the ability to nuance their sound with textures and "The Colours of the World" hits all the right notes. The vocals Maria Enrica Lotesoriere are pristine while the saxophone of Daniele Scannapieco is as exciting as any of the major players here in the United States. Make no mistake there are no weak links in this group as the sound is a marriage of a hybrid that has been tried and failed more times in the U.S. then I have space to list.

Pippo Lombardo is the project leader, composer and handles all arrangements along with keyboard duties. Brother Piero shares the same roll as project leader with additional work on lyrics and those pesky business issues that are a necessary evil in this most fickle of businesses. Dress Code screams for American play on whatever platform. Check them out for yourself! This is old school made new cool...Italy is a gold mine for great talent and Camera Soul is no exception!