Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ziggy Marley Fly Rasta Tuff Gong 2014

Fly Rasta is one of the surprise releases for 2014 and could have Ziggy Marley poised to pick up his sixth Grammy award!
Brent Black /
A conceptual release that embraces traditional reggae with pop and rock sensibilities. Well crafted tunes, tight production a top flight band and special guests have Fly Rasta moving to the head of the pack for album of the year. Essentially the release is based on the concept of global peace and understanding yet it is that Marley vibe that allows the release to transcend the reggae genre as good music stands on its own merit.
Normally there is a boredom factor for reggae, the same rehashed groove over a ten song set. When listening to Marley there is movement and creativity that moves well past some of his North American counterparts. Some of the guests include Sly and Robbie along with the Melody Makers and drummer Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty).
Cutting edge, forward thinking and wildly accessible if reggae has been down on your list of music to explore, start here!