Sunday, December 28, 2014

Vespers Nine True Stories

Vespers Nine is one of those rare original rock and roll bands that will stay with you!

Brent Black /

Rock bands that play all original tunes on their debut break down roughly as 25% that are the real deal straight out of the box, 25% that are pretty good but might lack the consistency necessary for success and 50% that are forgettable train wrecks. True Story is the debut release from Vespers Nine and is indeed the real deal.

There is a versatility to the band that transcends genre as high octane rock and roll and a little smoldering alternative country flows just below the surface. To label this band as strictly high energy rock would be misleading as their performances transcend generic genre boundaries. Granted they do cover the Mr. Mister tune "Broken Wings" and manage to do so without sounding like something you might here in any bar on a Saturday night. The original material is well written with meaningful lyrics, tight harmonies and spot on production values.

Analyzing a new band with virtually all original material can be a daunting task so check out the video for yourself:

Personnel: Lead Vocals: John F. Simon; Bass Guitar and Vocals: Gricel Julie Dosal; Lead and Rhythm Guitars; James Martinez; Rhythm Guitars: Jesse Rivas; Drums: George Dosal
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