Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tristan Prettyman Back To Home 2014

Back to Home

A bright new talent on the indie scene, Tristan Prettyman is a star under construction!

Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

Yeah, I never heard of her either...A stealth artist and vocal assassin has Tristan Prettyman with all the tools necessary to shoot straight to the top of the indie rock scene. Don't let the mellow suffer chick background and attitude fool you as Prettyman is simply born to sing and that she does with Back To Home.

There is a lyrical log jam in this genre of music however this free spirit had the opportunity not to mention the good sense to take some well deserved time off and reconnect with herself with the end result the amazing EP, Back To Home. A uniquely personal releases chronicles her personal triumphs and tragedies and her warm alto voice borders on the addictive. Some of the more introspective tunes were co-written with Dave Hodges including "Say Anything." Other highly emotive gems include "Glass Jar" along with "Never Say Never." The smoldering "Bad Drug" highlights the rich butter finish to her deceptively subtle yet often smoky alto voice.

Female singers are a dime a dozen. Tristan Prettyman has the ability to paint lyrical portraits and then invite then listener on a most unique and heartfelt journey. A wonderful recording!!