Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Track 4 From Nick Hempton's Catch And Release!

Nick Hempton's Catch and Release! Tracks 4! A Revolutionary New Concept In Purchasing Music!!

Nick Hempton's Catch and Release / Don't Let This One Be The One That Got Away!

Having long championed not only independent artists but the smaller independent labels, I jumped at the chance to bring you the news of Nick Hempton's Catch and Release Experiment.
The idea is brilliantly conceived in simplicity!
The perfect way to introduce new artists and new music to a wider audience than ever before!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Everyone wants to hear new music, no one wants to pay through the nose for new music. Nick will be releasing one tune every six weeks for the next year starting July 15th. Nick Hempton is an exciting and energetic saxophonist that has released several critically acclaimed recordings through Posi-Tone records. Enough from me...Please take a peak at the link below where Nick can tell you the story in his own words and you can get a far better understanding of just what an artist goes through to sell his or her music on line. There is no free lunch. Put your money where your ears are and support independent artists.
Nick Hempton's Catch and Release Experiment
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