Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Mangoes 2014

An interesting band with perhaps the most unique sound in music today...

Brent Black
On paper this band would seem destined to crash and burn quickly. Good thing we don't listen to paper. The influences here might be best described as early Yes meets early Beatles which is the harmonic equivalent of oil and gasoline but the sound is vibrant and refreshing. The Mangoes are an eclectic duet featuring Bret Bingham and noted music journalist Tim Morse.

While the tunes are built around more of a retro sound, progressive rock and pop sensibilities work incredibly well with this self titled release, the first since 1996. There is a conceptual nature as the work centers around the love of a young couple and the trials and tribulations of the music business. Lyrically there are a few tunes that tend to drop off the end of the table and occasionally the conceptual presentation can be a little lacking but given what is attempting to pass for music in the market today, The Mangoes will indeed hold your attention.

A few minor bumps in the road but nothing to derail the release.

4 Stars.