Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - An Open Letter To Cancer

Dear Cancer -

We have been together over a year now and the relationship simply isn't working for me. You may have the ability to gradually win a physical battle but you have lost the war my friend. I cheated death four times in 2014 and as long as I can draw a breath then I will never back down from a good old fashioned street fight. Sunday I received an e-mail from a young lady telling me that I made her think and she is now a registered organ donor - you lose yet again.

There are a couple of appropriate quotes that I want to remind you of so listen up. The great basketball coach Jim Valvano kicked your ass and in a speech (to paraphrase) said that while you can take away certain important physical aspects of our life, you can not touch what is in our mind or our heart. Winston Churchill once said, "Sometimes it is not that we do our best but we do what is required." I have been doing this job seven days a week for four years straight and my doctors are requiring that I make other plans. Done. You lost again cancer.

I don't look at you as anything less than an opportunity to get better as a person, a professional and at life in general. You don't scare me, not anymore. So...hang around if you wish because you lost again. Later today they will shoot me full of radiation, great weight loss program. I'll write again before New Year's Eve. Many times I have worked with my head in the trash can so as you can see, you are nothing more than an annoyance. I come back harder every time we tangle. Good luck with that...