Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - Have A Holly Jolly Pancreas / A Health Update.

Ironic...Last Christmas Eve you could find me in nuclear medicine at University Hospital, this year it was Jewish.

The good news is that the testing from a procedural standpoint went off without a hitch.

The bad news would be that the cancer has spread to the pancreas and another nuclear medicine scan is happening the 30th.

Don't feel sorry for me. Bad things can happen to cranky people and it is what it is. I will continue to work my tail off till New Years Eve. I originally thought maybe I could do one of two special reviews but now that is off the table.

I have had a wonderful time and it has been a pleasure to write for you. It is also far too much for one person to handle. Pancreatic cancer is a virtual death sentence but I am at peace with a great many things. I wish each of you good health and much success in your careers. You have made my gig happen and given me great joy.

Enjoy Christmas even if you don't celebrate the more religious nature of the holiday being good to each other is just as important in a world gone mad.

Be well,