Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Hospital

I wanted to share the latest news I received earlier today...

I am going to the hospital early Christmas Eve morning but it would appear NOT for an overnight stay. There will be an elaborate nuclear medicine scan of my liver and surrounding area, think of it as a search and destroy mission to kill tumors. I will be shot full of radiation and probably rather sick when this is completed which should be over several hours. It is my last shot as they are not backing off of their prognosis.

The good news is that I will be home for Christmas so that is something to be somewhat happy about considering I don't do well when removed from my habitat. They informed me the odds of any real "good" news as a result of this test are virtually nill. I know that but they are fighting as hard as I am.

I may try and post something Christmas Eve but I get the impression I will be getting up close and personal with the porcelain throne and then I get to hang with some relatives that make me long for the relief death will bring...But I'll be home. I was given more new and somewhat experimental medication but was again told a liver transplant is about 97% off the table at this point. I have another scan on Dec. 30th so Jewish Hospital is quickly becoming a second home, these people would bust a gut to save a life.

Again thank you for everything and please be safe over Christmas. It is a special time and we should remember the true meaning of the season: heavy drinking, debt, obligations and trying not to take the life of a relative that you would be more than happy to book a seat on a plane crash for.

Don't forget, I have been a naughty boy and placed in Facebook time out but I seriously doubt I will be back as I sent an email to their CEO advising him what he could do with his site with anatomical specificity.

Merry Christmas
Be well,