Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - A Christmas Message

Hey folks...I know this is Christmas week and everyone is busy and the shot clock is running down quickly, so is mine. Most of you know that the doctors finally said that I have no real hope to survive my cancer. I am comfortable with at least knowing so I can begin to make plans. I just wanted to say a few things to those of you that have taken the time to read.
Thank you is not enough as I have been able to do something and do it fairly well when some said that I would never last. The prognosis is roughly a year but maybe 2 and that last one will not be pretty. Sure...I'm scared and who wouldn't be. I have mended some fences with some people which has meant a great deal while napalming the bridges of some others but isn't that life?
I wanted to say that I'll be back in a few weeks and I know my "retirement" has seemed on again then off but having cheated death 4 times there was an air of optimism for a brief period. You can still contribute to my Paypal link on the home page here. The money will go to bills of course as Medicaid is not a free ride nor am I looking for one. I came from a family that believed you pull yourself up by your bootstraps but ... I can't afford the straps. The doctors are concerned about quality of life for whatever time I have left. I won't be back and I hate that more than you know.
As I said, I am at peace with this but want to encourage you to never take anything for granted be it playing music, teaching or spending special time with family and friends. Nothing lasts forever so treasure what you have as I have treasured the friendship that has been so graciously bestowed upon me. At times I can get irritable but that is a side effect of the encephalopathy so if I offended anyone then my sincere apologies.
When I was a disc jockey my first boss was canned and left a print out on the back bulletin board which was a quote from Winston Churchill:
"Sometimes doing your best is not good enough, sometimes you have to do what is required." So I gotta go for my own health.
The release season is essentially done. I did what I could and I have no regrets. I don't know how much more you will see updates here so again - thank you from the bottom of my heart and Merry Christmas (sorry atheists, substitute any other word you want but I have a right to my beliefs too lol!!)