Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tammy Payne Viva Outsider 99 2014


Tammy Payne: Viva Outsider

One of the more unforgettable voices for 2014 or perhaps any year!

Brent Black /

Jazz, blues, folk...Tammy Payne could sing the phone book Payne is not a newbie having surfaced over a decade ago. There is an eclectic, raw and incredibly organic vibe running through what could easily be the surprise vocal release of the year. Sound? Incredibly unique and while you might say Norah Jones meets Rickie Lee Jones there is no denying Payne has her own voice and style to set herself apart while fitting in with other top female vocalists.  

Payne has an almost haunting style that will allow you to remember her long after you have played the release only a few times. Singers are a dime a dozen but storyteller's gifts live on forever. Passion on a shiny silver disc...Stellar.               

Tracks Listing: Talk To Me Instead; Viva Outsider; Some People; Territorial Din; Black Eyed Lucy; Singing Peaches Regalia; She; Lipstick Kiss; All Hands To Butter Go; Raise A Glass.

Personnel: Tammy Payne: vocals, piano (5); Neil Smith: electric guitar; Dan Moore: keyboards; Jim Barr: bass, acoustic guitar (2, 4, 6); Matthew Jones: drums; Denny Ilett: acoustic guitar (1, 10); Dylan Howe: drums (9).