Saturday, December 20, 2014

Swung Volume 1 & 2 In And Out Of Focus 2014

Members of Focus have joined forces to form a dynamic new improvisational ensemble under the name of Swung! The first two volumes are now available with Volume One featuring bassist Bobby Jacobs, drummer Pierre Van Der Linden and former guitarist Niels Van Der Steenhoven. With Volume Two we are treated to bassist Bobby Jacobs, drummer Pierre Van Der Linden and current guitarist Menno Gootjes.
This incredibly progressive Dutch rock ensemble has the uncanny ability to move from what some might consider the more traditional jazz rock fusion arena to highly experimental improvisational work that comes amazingly close to walking a free jazz tightrope. Working without a harmonic net and the self imposed limitations of genre, Swung successfully burns the melodic candle at both ends.
Cutting edge would be a gross understatement concerning their immense talent!
The members of Volume Two will soon be on tour.
Previews of this release are available and both Amazon and iTunes.
Tracks: Volume One Adventures 1-9 and Volume Two Raga Reverences 1-8

The album is available from the below links: