Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spiders & Snakes Year of The Snake Sansei 2014

The musical happy place between glam rock and metal...killer!
Ten solid originals and a made for radio rehash of "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore" have this metal oriented super group ready for bigger and better things! Band members include artists from Yes, Asia and the slightly lesser known Freewheelers yet mesh together with a rarified perfection rarely heard. Not much to say here, this is a sound and style long missing from Album rock radio and what is achieved here is a visceral explosion of passion.

01. Don’t Step Outta Line (featuring Angelo Moore)
02. Too Angry (featuring Angelo Moore)
03. Kawasaki City (featuring Ryo Okumoto)
04. Neutron Baby
05. Driving Me Crazy
06. Hey You
07. Hello
08. Crazy
09. Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (featuring Rik Fox from Steeler and Betsy Weiss from Bitch)
10. Over And Over (featuring Dave Soble)
11. The Digital Church (featuring Billy Sherwood)