Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sean Noonan Bruised By Noon

Sean Noonan continues to impress as one of the most innovative drum lords in improvisational music.
Brent Black /
Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Bruised By Noon would be that this particular release is conceptual in nature and embraces the natural story telling ability of the prolific drummer Sean Noonan. Drummers get a bad rap on occasion often being referred to as "time keepers" or "human metronomes." Noonan is a lyrical and conceptual story teller that transforms the predictable into the imaginative, a cerebral vacation for the mind.
Bruised By Noon is a limited edition solo drum project which ties up the loose ends on the Tale of Finny Finnigan, a character introduced back on the 2012 release aptly titled A Gambler's Hand. The release is available on CD, Download, the resurgent format of the LP and with an Accompanying Book. Describing a solo drum work can be difficult but Noonan's gift is his Max Roach lyrical or melodic style that allows for melodies, harmonies that move this instrument to a new level of discovery. Not since drummers such as Bill Bruford from Yes has this approach been so successfully orchestrated. The sound processing is imaginative and the textured approach to the recording is simply something one must experience.