Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rich Pellegrin Quintet Episodes IV-VI OA2 2014

As strong and inventive as any quintet you will hear!
Brent Black /
A quintet that actually functions and communicates as a working band, what  a novel idea. With the exception of Tom Harrell's band it is indeed amazing it only took about forty years to reinvent the wheel by actually including the entire band in the compositional approach. This is the key to success for Episodes IV-VI as these are works conceived with each band member in mind and the end result is amazing.
A variety of meters, shifting dynamics and some tunes that simply take exquisite to the next level has the Rich Pellegrin Quintet set for a bright future in the ever changing work of improvisational music. This is volume two in the three part trilogy and easily their finest making one wonder just what will the future bring for this ensemble.
This is a working band, a lyrical collaboration of nuanced flavor and melodic purpose. A stealth recording well worth the attention!
Personnel: R. Scott Morning: Trumpet; Neil Welch; Tenor Saxophone; Rich Pellegrin; Piano; Evan Flory-Barnes; Bass; Chris Icasiano: Drums.
Tracks: Intention, Affirmation, Hymn, Vigil, Epilogue.