Tuesday, December 9, 2014

On Impulse Dernier Cru Isolde Records 2014

The best global fusion group on the plant? You would be hard pressed to find a better band!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
There is a sound contemporary instrumental music has been seeking which includes solid song writing coupled with a sonic fury of harmonic intensity. On Impulse found such a sound with one of the better releases of the year, Dernier Cru. Jn Ackerman makes a special cameo while the other guests and a nuanced texture of sound that is light years ahead of what is happening in the American market.
This amazing ensemble consists of Coen Molenaar handling the duties on Rhodes and keys, Frank Vollink as the resident soul pumpkin on bass and the lyrical drumming of Sebastiaan Conelissen. Deborah Carter takes care of the vocal chores while Nigel Hitchcock handles sax on "Long Tommorrow." Other killer tracks include "Dernier Cru" featuring some amazing work by Jan Ackkerman. One of the reasons the release works so well would have to be all the guest artists are on the same page thus turning a standard fusion trio into a large ensemble of sound, colors you can hear.
A soulful and soul filled gem. American artists take note, this is how it is done!
Tracks: Mankini Song; Slopes; Henry Goes Out For Blueberries; Baked Beans; Dernier Cru; I Don't Know Who You Are; Tapatah; Thru Your Eyes; When Mark Goes; Long Tomorrow; Silent Sin.