Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mosaica MeII Productions 2014

Mosaica: Eugene Marlow's Heritage Ensemble Reimagines Popular Hebraic Meldoies

A cultural exploration of harmonic possibilities. A wonderful example of world music gone right!

Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

To call Mosaica world music is slightly misleading. Traditional Hebraic melodies are presented in an improvisation style that is the perfect storm of Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and certain classical elements. Normally a cultural gumbo of improvisational work is seemingly only relevant to those familiar with the country or countries as they are displayed. Mosaica is the perfect storm of improvisational magic clearly highlighting that the transference of improvisational magic is not simply limited to those of us living in the United States.

The members of the ensemble cast are all A list artists and the compositions include everything from "Hava Nagila" to a spoken word type performance of "Zikkaron / Kristallnacht" from a holocaust survivor. I review this release at my own peril as I will be referred to as a Zionist etc...This is world music presented in a wide open forum. Imaginative and wildly creative and in some cases some of the original Hebraic melodies are transformed with such meticulous care that identifying or labeling the music based on country of origin borders on the impossible. The band is made up of artists of Puerto Rican, Lebanese, and Eastern European decent, a true melting pot of lyrical flavor.

A first rate example of the harmonic road less traveled.

Personnel: Hava Negila; Lahadam; Zikkaron / Kristallnacht; Eliyahu Hanavi; Mah Nishtanah Halaylan Haze; Erev Shel Snoshanim; Halicha L'Kesariya; Ani Ma'Amin; Zikkaron / Kristallnacht (Special Edition).
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