Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Maroon 5 V Interscope 2014

Why pop music is in trouble...Forgettable.
Brent Black /
I want to like this record but I don't. This maybe the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of pop releases for the year, all it needs is a little love. Forgettable might be the best one word review and uninspired might be second best. There is nothing of real substance no hooks and nothing to really hang your hat on. Granted I was not expecting their version of Revolver but give me something to remember you by.
This is Maroon 5 gone a bit more contemporary with an occasional urban flair attempting to smolder below the surface. Fans seem mixed and most critics seem bored when referencing this equivalent of valium on vinyl back when the long playing record actually mattered. The fan base that should dig this record probably don't even have their drivers license and as the band has or should have matured, the music was left behind. Perhaps Adam Levine is far too busy with commercials and The Voice to put in the necessary time to make a recording that can hold your attention and if that is the case then wait till your schedule opens up.
No rating. Nothing here to really rate.