Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kenny Barron and Dave Holland - The Art of Conversation. Impulse 2014

Kenny Barron and Dave Holland - The Art of Conversation

An elegant pairing of talent engaged in a magnificent harmonic conversation.

Brent Black /

While duet performances for both pianist Kenny Barron and bassist Dave Holland are not unusual, the stunning Art of Conversation is a rare treat for this pair. An easy out would be to literally phone this one in by knocking off some standards and calling it a day but Barron and Holland go deep into their personal discography to give the listener a rare insight into where a true lyrical conversation can travel. 

The emotive tune "Rain" is a showcase for the Dave Holland signature sound. The blues infused Charlie Parker number "Segment" has a percussive push yet with a carefully nuanced lyrical sense of purpose that keeps the composition on that harmonic road less traveled without pushing the limits of taste or texture. "The Only One" may best highlight this aptly titled recording as Barron and Holland seem to feed off the others melodic path. A delightfully passionate recording from two giant on their respective instruments.

Very little needs to be said with this particular recording as even cover tunes are meticulously reinvented and given a second chance at life You never review genius, you celebrate genius.