Friday, December 19, 2014

Joao Hasselberg The Truth Must Be Given In Riddles 2014 Fundacao

A major league talent, a rising star in the world of improvisational music!
Brent Black /
Electric and double bassist Joao Hasselberg has taken a giant leap forward in harmonic weight class with the releases of his sophomore effort, Truth has to be given in riddles. This septet functions with an amazing lyrical direction and synergy while still conducting a unique lyrical exploratory within a most sold set of eight compositions which are surprisingly enough all original works and have Hasselberg poised to assume the latest rising star role on the international scene.
Instrumentation includes guitar, trumpet, sax, well placed vocals, piano, drums and a lyrical sense of purpose from Hasselberg who doubles as a respected teacher at the Villas-Boas Jazz School. From the more melancholy "For Charlie" to the nuanced elegance of the title selection " The Truth Has To Be Given In Riddles" there lyrical and melodic strength of each composition is focused and while the technical execution is literally flawless, there is an elegance to the release that edges past what we would consider straight ahead jazz here in the U.S.
Joao Hasselberg continues his own personal study and the exponential growth is outstanding. As fine an artist as you will here, as technically proficient as he is artistically gifted. The Truth Must Be Given In Riddles easily passes the sophomore slum that trips up so many quality performers.
Tracks: Opening; Abraham's Double; Two Brohers In A Treasure Hunt; For Charlie; Two Halves Of A Mercado; En Madrid; Perry Smith's Dream; The Return Of The Prodigal Son.