Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jerry De Villiers Jr The Turning Point Archives Timesless 2014

One of Canada's best kept musical secrets!
Brent Black /
As a solo performer Jerry De Villiers Jr. has received wide spread critical acclaim as a fusion guitarist. A unique style and highly melodic approach to his craft was further explored in a project he worked on by the name of The Turning Point. Sadly none of The Turning Point's studio work has seen the light of day till now. De Villiers Jr. went on to work on scoring music for both the large and small screens but to celebrate his gradual return to improvisational music we are now fortunate enough to have The Turning Point Archives which are both studio and live performances from the 1990's.
The amazing aspect of this from the vault type recording is that despite some tunes being well over twenty years old, Archives has a fresh modern sound that could easily crack the charts today. There are two different ensembles include a powerful 4tet on the live recordings and a variety of collaborative efforts from the studio tracks. Good guitarists are like Starbucks, they are everywhere. Great guitarists stretch their limits and have the innate ability to move into different areas of their craft and De Villiers Jr. is one such artist. "Bebop Blues" and "Dog Dance" showcase the ability of De Villiers Jr. and give true meaning to the word virtuoso.
Studio Tracks from 1995: When I See You; White Sand; Raradina; Numb; Blind City; BebHop Blues; Dog Dance.
Live Tracks from 1994: Last Man On Earth; Big Daddy; Turning Point; Casino; BebHop Blues; Raradina; Dog Dance.