Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hekz Caerus BMHAudio 2014

The most promising prog metal band, Hekz is the real deal1
Brent Black /
The death of prog metal has been greatly exaggerated and UK prog metal band Hekz is proof! While seemingly not having cracked open the American market at this time, Hekz is gaining a solid fan base and critical acclaim throughout the European theatre with an inventive sound and  a modern spin somewhere between prog rock and some of the early metal godfathers such as Queensryche. Caerus shows the exponential growth of a band that is clearly on their way up.
Dual lead guitars and the addition of keyboard allow for a depth that their contemporaries are still struggling to achieve. Chemistry leaps from a synergy of sound with a cinematic like grandeur of sound and controlled sonic fury, these guys aren't just banging away as their talent is far above that simplistic approach.
Mat Young is a solid vocalist that could sing with any group while the twin guitar set of Al Beveridge and Tom Smith would seem to feed off the harmonic movement of keyboard player James Messenger. The tunes pack a sonic punch, nothing subtle here. "Liberation" and "Kingdom" are two notable tracks but this is one of those rare prog metal release with a continuity of ebb and flow that allows to make the very legitimate statement, "not a bad track to be found."