Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hedersleben Die Neuen Welten 2014

Hedersleben - Die Neuen Welten

Krautrockers rejoice as Hedersleben's sophomore release is the real deal!

Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

Art rock, prog rock, metal or anything else you can think of the death of what may be best called progressive rock has been greatly exaggerated. Hedersleben is back with a release that should have prog rock fans taking notice in short order. This Oakland, California based band features UK subs Nicky Garrett on guitar and is the perfect storm between their experience in Germany and North America.

Melodic strength and a lyrical intensity push this band to the next level of excellence. This is prog rock gone global with a myriad of texture and harmonic influences that push the genre to the extreme. Having finished up an extensive tour this is a band on the edge of cracking the North American Market wide open. While certain metal influences are apparent there is nothing over the top or pretentious about this band. The tunes are strong and the artists are all well adept at their craft. Dig prog rock? You will dig this!

4 Stars

Personnel: Kephera Moon: Keyboards / Vocals; Bryce Shelton: Bass; Katie Knox: Gues Vocal; Nicky Garrett: Guitar; Jason Willer: Drums.

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