Saturday, December 20, 2014

Eyebrow Garden City 99 2014

An ambient textured sound, subtle yet readily accessible. Part of the new sound for modern jazz.
Brent Black /
Eyebrow might best be referred to as a musical enigma. A great many techno oriented ensembles bypass melody in favor of a more rhythmic exploratory while Eyebrow has successfully combined the sound with some rather eclectic session players whose instrumentation includes such rarities as baritone guitar and bass pedals for a special textural depth that sets this ensemble apart from the majority of the contemporaries.
The material much like the sound is original and while there can be a certain stark atmospheric execution, overall the sound is part of the new cutting edge contemporary presentation that places Eyebrow in a rather special category for improvisational music. The deconstructed look at ambient soundscapes while nothing incredibly new has never been done better.
Garden City is the third and easily their finest release to date. The metamorphosis of sound is nothing short of stunning.
Personnel: Paul Wiggins: Drums, Percussion and Violin; Peter Judge: Drums, Percussion and Tuba.
Additional artists: Jim Barr: Baritone Guitar, Bass Guitar and Bass Pedals;