Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Electric Prunes Was 2014

Electric Prunes - WaS album cover

The end of the psychedelic movement has Electric Prunes going out on top!

Brent Black /

So the movement is not exactly dead but the sound has evolved to the more progressive rock sound that most of us are familiar with today. They performed on American Bandstand in 1966 and found one of their tunes making the Easy Rider soundtrack. As fast as the Prunes broke on to the scene they then split for almost thirty years thanks to virtually no control over their own material.

The new release Was is somewhat of a goodbye and thank you to their friends and marks the end of what was the genesis of the original psychedelic movement. There are some reworked covers and an electrifying reharm of the classic "Smokestack Lighting." Was "is" classic Electric Prunes amped up for the next generation. Members and musical direction have continued to evolve while losing nothing in musical integrity.

Was appears to be the last release for the band as they are passing the torch to the next generation. Job well done!

4 Stars!