Saturday, December 27, 2014

David Gibson Boom! Posi-Tone 2015

David Gibson is back with a retro swing and arguably one of 2014's finest releases!
Brent Black /
Posi-Tone may well be one of the strongest if not the strongest straight ahead labels. Boom! is an elegant yet wildly sophisticated swing that will hit you right between the eyes. The sound is reminiscent of the working bands that started a grand tradition on the Blue Note and Impulse labels before both eventually bailed on the traditional sound for the more pretentious "look at me!" sound of today.
The compositions here are mostly originals with Gibson having written eight of the ten tunes. These numbers are percussive, lyrically intense and have evolving dynamics that only serve to highlight the blatantly obvious fact that Gibson is as solid a trombone player as you will find working the straight ahead side of the street. "The High Road" with the classic retro swing vibe is an immediate attention grabber along with "Boom" and "The Dance."
The quintet assembled includes Josh Evans on trumpet, Theo Hill on piano, Alex Claffy on bass and Kush Abadey on drums. Over the years the sound of the more traditional working band has given way to that of a leader and a 4tet of after thoughts. The second horn of Evans adds power while the remaining rhythm section adds the clarity of swing, it smolders. Simply put, Boom! can set your hair on fire if you let it!
Tracks: The High Road; Rare Truth; Grass Fed; Eyes Of Argus; Persephone; Empathy; Boom!; The Dance; The Cup Bearers; Change The World.
Look for this starting 1/2015