Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dave Kilminster ...and The Truth Shall Set You Free Killer Guitar 2014

Dave Kilminster is back with the finest solo work of his young career!
Brent Black /
...and The Truth Shall Set You Free, Kilminster's latest solo effort is stellar. It is in that spirit it can arguably be said Kilminster may well be one of the best "unknown" guitarists in the world. However, the musical resume here includes significant time with Roger Waters and Keith Emerson. The master for the release has been in hand for about a year and it is certainly well worth the wait.
The significance of the release not to mention the approach and execution of the material would be the zen like approach to the harmonic makeup to each tune. Advanced and rich while never pretentious, Kilminster is that rare breed that is artistically gifted as he is technically proficient. Another amazing aspect to ...and The Truth Shall Set You Free would be that these are all original tunes that easily run the harmonic spectrum including the stellar use of a small string quartet on occasion. The opening and closing numbers "Messiah" and "Stardust" may have the most potential yet this is that rare effort that simply "doesn't have a bad track on it."
Check out this critically acclaimed guitarist for yourself: